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At The Jacqueline House we strive for a well intentioned place that exudes rest and relaxation in all forms. We are thrilled to have met a partner in Amber, as she embodies this same purpose. As a trained body worker, Amber is welcoming both house guests and our extended community to join her at The Jacqueline House Spa for the ambiance and experience of health and harmony.
"Hello! I am so happy to be joining this wonderful community and creating a space of relaxation and rejuvenation here at The Jacqueline House. My name is Amber Baker and I have been doing healing bodywork and massage for over 18yrs. I began my journey in health and wellness in 1998 and have continued to learn and expand my base of knowledge in the years that have followed. With the many techniques I have gathered in my wheelhouse, I am able to offer unique and personalized sessions to most effectively meet the needs of each individual.
In addition to my training in massage and Reiki, I am a Kundalini Yoga instructor and have utilized this knowledge in my work with children on the autism specrum and their families.
Beyond my business self, I very much enjoy the outdoors. I am an avid hiker and kayaker and hope to begin some horseriding skills in the near future! I enjoy life, I enjoy family, friends, and I enjoy sharing the gifts I have been given. I look forward to sharing the skills and experience I have to facillitate even greater well-being and peace to all those who cross my path here at The Jacqueline House."
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Amanda Baker
Amber Baker


Deep Tissue
Cranial Sacral
Reconnective Healing
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in the inviting space that is The Jacqueline House Spa.

Phone: (724) 316-8102

Email: amber.k.baker@gmail.com
Regular Pricing 
1 hour $60
1.5 hours $90

Pre-Paid Pricing
1 hour $60
1.5 Hours $80